I'm very excited to show you the cover of the fifth Penny White novel, 'The Vexation of     Vampires'. The book is currently in the hands of my beta readers, and I hope to publish it in March. I'll  send out a separate email when it's available to preorder. In the meantime, here is the blurb: 

I stared at my shopping list, wondering what any normal human would make of it. ‘One box of communion wafers. Six bottles of fortified wine. Several pints of goat’s blood for the curate?’

After an extended stay in the magical country of Lloegyr, I’m ready to resume life as the priest of a small village church. Clyde needs time to heal from his wounds, I’ve been given a vampire deacon to train, and Peter and I have to make some important decisions before our wedding day.

But the problems of Lloegyr have followed me home. Raven is still recovering from the Spirit Ceremony. The vampires living in my church are being unreasonable. My back garden is slowly filling with snail sharks. And Her Majesty’s Government wants me to find out why vampire colonies are emigrating to England.

I love Peter, but there are so many other demands in my life. Will he accept that there are just some things I cannot give him?

I'm a reader as well as a writer, and I've been enjoying two novels by other fantasy readers.  Both feature strong female main characters and are in the epic fantasy mode. 'Into the Darkness' throws you immediately into the action--in fact, sometimes I found myself panting to keep up! As for 'Salvation's Dawn', the world building is very thorough, including the religion of the main character who, by the way, is not human, but still very relatable. 
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