I hope you all had a great Christmas and here's to a great 2018.

     What are your hopes and plans this year? I'd like to publish the next three 'Penny White' 
     novels, namely 'The Vexation of Vampires,' 'The Nest of Nessies,' and 'The Weariness of 

     I've started well. Just this week I finished the first draft of 'The Vexation of Vampires.'
     But I'm having a sabbatical this year, and I'll be spending 43 days travelling through
     Kyrgyzstan and China in an overland truck, following part of the Silk Route. I can't 
     imagine that I'll be getting much writing done!
     I hope to post regularly on my travel blog. I've also updated my photography website, 
     which is here: www.stalkingthelight.com.



     Seems New Year's is a great time for ebook promotions. The first one I have for you only
     features books which contain dragons. Some books are free, others are low priced. Click
     on the image below:


      And here are two further promotions, offering a mixure of science fiction and fantasy 
      books, all at 99p. Just click on the images: 




All of these offers are short term only, so have a look now!

    I've teamed up with two other fantasy writers to offer you three short stories. My offering
    is a stand alone. 'Banned' is part one of a four part story. And 'Mage Seer' is a stand alone
    prequel to the start of a new book series. Download your copy at the bottom of this email.

    That's all for this month. I hope that 2018 goes well for you. And I hope to bring you the
    cover reveal of 'The Vexation of Vampires' in the February Newsletter.

    If somehow you've missed out on the free story featuring Clyde, just send me an email,
    and I'll send a copy over to you. Click here to send me an email.





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