Travel plans and a free collection of short stories
     I hope you were all able to have some time off over the long weekend. The winter here in Great Britain has featured several bouts of snow and ice, and I'm looking forward to spring. 

      I've passed the 50,000 word mark on Penny White's sixth adventure, 'The Nest of Nessies.' I'd like to finish it before I go to Kyrgyzstan and China, where I'll be travelling overland on part of the ancient Silk Road. My travel blog is, and I hope to keep this updated. In the meantime, why not have a browse? I've travelled extensively, including such out of the way places like Greenland and North Korea. The photo on the left was taken in North Korea. 

        I've teamed up with several other fantasy writers to offer you a collection of free short stories. Download your copy at the bottom of this email. Please note that the file will go to the 'downloads' folder on your computer. Seems some of you have been confused to find a blank screen after clicking on the link!

If you need help on transferring the file to your Kindle, click here.

    Have a look at this great promotion below. The 'Fantasy Unlimited' giveaway offers free books
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    Just click on the banner image to be taken the site. 

     I love to hear from readers. Did you know that all of my books can be bought as paperbacks? A  religious community in New York State is currently reading my 'Penny White' series, and they sent me this photo of one of the sisters enjoying the second book in the series, 'The Cult of Unicorns.' Where have you been reading about Penny White and her friends? Email me by clicking here
        That's all for this month. I hope your April is filled with sunshine, flowers, and new life. 




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