8 Free Romance Books To Read Over Christmas Break

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Temptation by Moonlight


A stepmother you’ll love to hate!

Pittsburgh, PA 1900: When Alex is crippled as a result of a tragic carriage accident, Nora is hired as a companion/aide to the angry, belligerent young man. Alex’s stepmother seems to want to keep Alex crippled and confined to his room, while his brother Nathan isn’t sure what he wants. Nora is confused by this strange household and is determined stay out of the family disputes, but she becomes drawn into the family drama, and it soon becomes dangerous, and her very life is threatened. She isn’t sure whose side Nathan’s on so she’s shocked when he assists his mother with her devious plans.


Fated Folly

Clare’s mischievous adventures land her in a marriage of convenience to the dynamic older man with whom she’s in love. A poignant tale of the ogre and the minx.


Collins Case

A young family disappears …

FBI Special Agent Julie Ann Davidson isn’t assigned the case, but she works it anyway because she knows the Collins family. Add in a baffling case of internet thievery, and Ann and her partner, Patrick Duncan, have plenty to think about.

Who took the Collins family and why?

One thing’s certain: time is running out.

If Ann and Patrick don’t work fast, Rachel Collins and her kids will die.


Whispers of a Faded Dreamer

Cara Peirce wants to help people. She wants love, but making connections in real life isn’t something she’s good at. Cara finds herself a participant in a bizarre life in which she only feels truly alive in her dreams. Almost every night, she dreams of the same guy—Blaze Saxon.


A Chronetic Memory (The Chronography Records Book 1)

Two hundred years in the future, a routine chronetic sampling goes awry and intern Dani Adams steps out of her observation box to discover that the timestream has been altered. In the new reality, her best friend's son, seven-year-old Jored Wallace, has never been born, and Dani is the only one who remembers that he ever existed.

Lexil Myles is a talented young researcher whose studies in time distortion reveal an alarming discovery: An unusual temporal disturbance threatens the integrity of time. His hunt for the source of the disruption leads him to Dani.

Drawn together, with only days to come up with a solution, they face blackmail, violence, and political intrigue. But if they do find an answer, it will return them to a world in which they never met.


Circular Horizon

Mae McNair is an astronaut on her last mission before she retires. With her son, Michael, in the co-pilot's seat and a blossoming pen-pal friendship with her co-worker, Abel, Mae has much to be thankful for. But when a control panel malfunctions, Mae is locked out of Solace Station as it orbits high above the Red Planet.

With God guiding their hands, Michael and Abel must work together to save Mae before the vacuum of space becomes her final resting place.


The Teacher & the Astronaut: The McNair Short Story Series #2

It's the year 2049, and it's the hottest summer on Texas record.

When Penelope's car overheats on Houston's I-45, she fears it's the harbinger of worse things yet to come...until an attractive astronaut named Michael arrives and tries to save Penelope's day.


Just Kin

Love covers a multitude of sin.

A stolen kiss ignites a fire that burns all the way from Texas to New York City. Torn apart by war, rejection, and a letter with news she never wanted, Lacey Rose takes her shredded heart and runs. Charley figures out something isn’t right, but is duty-bound to the Confederacy until a deathbed order sets in motion a series of events that tests his love, honor, and commitment to the breaking point.

Can the two lifelong friends see past the pain to finally realize God’s plan for them to be more than just kin?

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